Paramedic Learnerships Programme 2022

Candidates who are interested to work within healthcare industry this could the best way to start off your career. Healthcare Industry is very sensitive therefore talented individuals who are eager to join this program must be very 100% focused and be patient as well. The only difference with paramedics and other healthcare workers is that paramedics do their work in an outdoor environment whereas other healthcare workers operate in an indoor environment. Paramedics main job is to go out with an ambulance to provide medical service to people who get accidents.

Paramedics mainly focus on home emergencies, road accidents and other accidents or circumstances that need emergency medical attention.

The main purpose is to help people who get accident and cannot go to hospital due to complications caused by accidents.

Paramedic Learnerships are popular in demand and are offered by health industry companies in South Africa.

This profession has developed greatly since the first emergency care personnel was used in the 1970?s. The first ambulances merely transported sick and injured people to hospital but these days they are more trained and seen as mobile nurses in a way.

Every call received will be different from the previous or next one, thus, paramedics need to be experienced in cardiac arrest, resuscitation, essential treatments for internal, external damage, medication, delivering babies, mental health issues and more.

Learnerships Available Here

This field offers what the name states and basically offer paramedic learnerships. Many of the learnerships offered can be for a one or two year period. It usually includes practical and theoretical training or learning.

It involves all aspects of emergency care including ambulance driving, medical procedures, medicine and more. It is a life-changing and saving career.

Available learnerships:

  • Paramedic
  • Emergency Care Worker
  • Ambulance Driver
  • Consultant Paramedic

Companies offering Paramedic Learnerships

Basic Requirements

Most companies that offer this program have the same requirements. But it is advisable that talented individuals who are intending to apply for the paramedic learnerships make further enquiry about the requirements of the company they are applying for.

If you do not meet all the stipulations, you are not eligible to apply. Here is a basic list of the stipulations you can expect.


  • Candidates must be a permanent South African citizen
  • Candidates need to be in possession of ID Book
  • Candidates must have a Matric certificate
  • Candidates must have passed English ,mathematics and physical science with 40% and above.

Candidates must provide a detailed curriculum vitae and any other important documents. All the documents provided should be Visible. Required documents should be certified and be less than 3 months old. In other words document should be current and correct.

Selected Applicants will receive a call and asked to be part of the interview for further assessments or health check.